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Nano Digital Stove

Product Description

Nano Digital Stove



is a new generation cooker adopting heating concept of induction eddy current
in the magnetic field. Its top plate is made by high tech material which
stands high heat and sudden chill, hard and solid, stylish, easy to clean,
safe to operate, environmental friendly and fulfilling health concepts.

Risk of gas leakage, fire, electric leak and other health and safety threatening
issues could be avoided.Nano Digital Stove performs various cooking modes,
including frying, roasting, deep-frying, steaming, boiling and stewing.

Moreover, it boils water rapidly, porridge and soup automatically. It’s equipped
with warmth keeping function and could be used as steamboat too. Apparently, it
is an essential appliance for modern home.

Its special features & functions includes:
Heating concept of induction eddy current in the magnetic field with 93% heat radiating effect is adopted, more practical and cost saving as compared to electric cooker or gas stove.- Different power, time and temperature are settable according to cooking needs.- No risk of electromagnetic field leak, no harm to human health.-

Earth safe device assures no electric leak.

  • Intelligent multiple protection devices of auto delayed radiating, auto power off when pot is moved away, drying up or over heated etc.
  • Auto power off in case it is not in use for 2 hours.-
  • With elegant European design, touch type control board
  • ree stainless steel pot and non-stick wok, practical and stylish, material tested, safe and reliable. Product Keywords : Nano, Digital, Stove

Price in market : Around RM2000-RM3000. Price with me RM1000.00 only. One unit stock only. Please call me at 019-7964780 (Malaysia)

SwayZap Body Slimming Gadget

Product Description
iSwayZap was developed with the high technology of Japan ergonomic design, user friendly and able to zap away unwanted fat at particular part of your body effectively.
It helps to improve blood circulation, lymph detoxification and eventually returning your health and beautiful body countour.Combining traditional massage therapy and modern technology, iSwayZap consists of two major components iZap and iSway.
iZap oscillates and rotates powerfully, suitable to be tied around tummy, back, arm and calf for fat zapping; iSway moves left and right, helps relieve muscle fatigue at foot, thigh, calf and hand.
They could be used simultaneously or separately to maintain slenderness and healthier lifestyle. Its features & functions includes: – Adjustable intensity and speed or with alternative ‘preset’ mode, helps fight stubborn fat.- 2-way rotating oscillation of iZap helps zap away local fats in a balanced way.
– iZap is revertible, length adjustable and suitable for various body sizes.- iSway moves left and right, helps relieve muscle fatigue at foot, thigh, calf and hand.Product Keywords : body, slimming, gadgetPrice :
Price in market: RM 2498 Price with with me RM1000.00 only. Warranty one year.
One unit only in my stock. Please call me at 019-7964780.


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